Aeolian (sculpture) electric generator vs propellar driven generators: prop= 20% + prod
@ 35%+ maintenance, 80%+
noise polution
@ 60%-life span.
Aeolian - unikely to distruct in
high winds. More aesthetic.

Wind and sun powered
electricit generators made
from recycled aircraft wings.
(eg 747). Wind drives device
up & down (+gravity) the pilon.
500 M2 of solar filament on
wing tops produce added
killowots of electricity.




We are part of Agenda SOS International Inc.

Message of hope, love and fear for 2018
from The BBC and David Attenborough

We produce designs; some of them proprietary, and
some we give to
NGOs, the public, whoever might be
be able to use them for advancing conservation. Our
techniques, devices, procedures leading to energy
generation, pure water, sustainable development
with missions at various stages of realisation.

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Aah Human Population
Signs predict the increasing rate of births in Africa and India
will outpace declines in East Asia, Europe & North America
resulting in a growth in the homo sapien species of up to
eight or ten billion people by the year 2050.

Birth rate by country

Man, who thought
and then multiplied
'outside of the box'.
has elected himself
thru means unexpexted
to the high post of alpha

parasite in Earth's sad belly.
Where he, having no peer, is made
by his own low nature: too proud to hear
words whispered inside the atrophaeus ear
by late species; ere extinct - lingering ghost:
'Sir, 'tis bigly stupid for one to kill one's host'.




Floating Cities, made by tethering refurbished ships. Home to refugees, homeless and those who choose to live there. Imagine a refurbished ex cruise ship dropping anchor just off where the Rohingyn Refugees are fighting to hang on to life
(At the mouth of the Naf
river, between Myanmar
and Bngladesh).

Glacier Management
Insulating glaciers to preserve their water, while using the insulating filament to generate enough electricity to power instruments, alarms and maintenance,