Saith Planet Earth: "Three billion of you can comfortably reside here (if you show respect).
There are now almost seven billion of you here and you mostly abuse me unmercifully.
This will change: either by your endeavor or else I will do it, the hard way".
We have dozens of proprietary designs :
out-of-the-box technologies, devices, procedures for
energy generation, water conservation, sustainable procreation
some already enabling missions in various stages of realisation.

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Current projections show a continued increase of population
(but a steady decline in the population growth rate)
with the population expected to reach
between 8 and 10.5 billion in the year 2050

Birth rate by country

"Man, who thought
and multiplied
outside the box;
now alpha parasite
in the belly
of the earth.
Having no peer
he was too proud to hear
the words of a whispering ghost:
'Really dumb to kill your host'."




Don't just watch....Green ..Wild .Timid face of coming tough decisions
.Making the best of what we have today..
(Agenda..Sticking Plaster).